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Measuring Instruments Dubai

When it comes to precision and exactness, measuring instruments are an indispensable tool for any professional or do-it-yourself enthusiast. At AFH Tools, we recognize the significance of quality measuring instruments, which is why we offer a vast selection of high-quality products for all of your measuring requirements.

The micrometer is a common measuring instrument used to measure minute distances or thicknesses with high precision. There are various varieties of micrometers, such as outside micrometers, inside micrometers, and depth micrometers. Depending on the preferences of the user, they can be digital or analog.


Calipers are used to measure the distance between two opposite surfaces of an object. This form of measuring tool is frequently employed in metalworking, machining, and mechanical engineering. Calipers are available in a variety of varieties, including vernier calipers, dial calipers, and digital calipers, and they can measure both interior and exterior dimensions.

In addition to height gauges, thread gauges, and bore gauges, AFH Tools also offers thread gauges and bore gauges. Thread gauges are used to measure the pitch and diameter of fasteners, nuts, and bolts. Height gauges are used to measure the height of an object. The internal diameter of holes, pipelines, and cylinders is measured using bore gauges.


AFH Tools is committed to providing professionals in a broad variety of industries with high-quality measuring instruments. Regardless of whether you are a machinist, mechanic, or engineer, AFH Tools has the appropriate measuring instrument for you. With an emphasis on precision, dependability, and durability, you can rely on AFH Tools to provide the measuring instruments you need to complete your project successfully.

Our selection of measuring instruments includes devices for measuring length, width, depth, thickness, and angles, among others. Depending on your preference and requirements, we carry both digital and analog instruments. Whether you work in construction, metalworking, woodworking, or any other profession requiring precise measurements, we have the tools you need.

In this category, the digital micrometer is one of our best-selling products. This versatile instrument is ideal for accurately measuring inside, outside, depth, and step dimensions. The digital caliper is a must-have instrument for any professional or hobbyist due to its large LCD display and easy-to-read numbers. It also includes a sturdy carrying case, making it simple to transport and preserve the tool.

The digital angle gauge is another popular measuring device we provide. This device is optimal for accurately and quickly measuring angles, with a resolution of up to 0.05 degrees. It can be readily attached to metal surfaces due to its magnetic base, making it an ideal tool for metalworking and fabrication. It is also portable and compact, making it suitable for use in confined spaces.

Digital thickness meters are also available for those who require precise measurements of thickness. These instruments can accurately measure thicknesses up to 50 mm, making them ideal for measuring plastics, metals, and wood, among other materials. Our digital thickness gauges are indispensable for anyone working with materials requiring precise thickness measurements.

In addition to these best-selling items, we carry a variety of other measuring instruments, such as micrometers, dial indicators, laser distance meters, and more. All our products are crafted from premium materials and backed by extensive guarantees, ensuring that you receive the greatest return on your investment.

  At AFH Tools, we are incredibly proud of our customer service and support. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you in locating the ideal measuring instrument for your requirements, and we offer competitive pricing and expedient shipping to ensure you receive your tools when you need them.

If you need high-quality measuring instruments, AFH Tools is your only option. We offer a vast selection of premium products at competitive prices, and our superior customer service and support ensure that you will always receive the assistance you require. Why then wait? Explore our collection of measuring instruments Dubai now to find the ideal instrument for your requirements.